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Tally Wand 600 Serial Cable

Tally Wand 600 Serial Cable

Tally Wand 600 Serial

The Tallyman 600 was designed to replace the standard scaler's rule with a device capable of transmitting measurements to a portable data collector. While originally designed as a log scaling tool, it is now being used predominantly in end tally operations here in North America. Basically, the Tallyman is an input device consisting of twenty-three keys, on 1" centers, these are numbered sequentially from three to twenty-four. In addition, a shift function key has been provided in order to permit entry of composite numbers i.e., inventory or control numbers. As well, this feature allows the user to assign specific labels to the keys 3 through 9, and 21 to 24 inclusive. This latter feature is also useful for entering incidental information such as species, damage codes etc.

To use the Tallyman, the tang on the upper left edge is placed on the item to be measured, the thumb or index finger is then moved to a point corresponding to the diameter or width of the sample, when the key nearest that position is activated, the measurement is entered into the data collector. How the information is ultimately used is solely dependent upon programming.The main housing is constructed of a high strength aluminum extrusion. 

The membrane keyboard is environmentally sealed and the embossed keys are constructed with high quality stainless steel domes which provide excellent tactile response and long life. Communication and power are provided by a detachable coiled cable. Termination at the ruler is by a medical grade connector and strain relief. The data collector end is normally a 25 Pin Sub miniature D type plug, other configurations are available. Because the Tallyman utilizes standard RS-232 protocol, we are able to interface with the vast majority of handheld computers on the market.



Size 25.1" x 1.8" x 0.79" (63.9 cm x 4.6 cm x 1.2cm)
Weight 17.6 oz. (500 g)
Communications RS-232 1200 Baud 8 Bit No Parity
Power Requirements 4-30 VDC
Cable 24" detachable coiled cord
Keyboard Sealed Membrane, Tactile response
Enclosure Gold anodized aluminum
Operating Temperature -12 to +122 F (-25 to 50 C)
Operating Humidity 0-100 % (Non-condensing)


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