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Why Should You Consider HTTS?

Why Choose Timber & Transportation Systems

  1.  We provide you with more than one choice on handheld units.  We carry a range of products to fit every need.
  2.  We are a full-system provider.  We have applications for cruising timber, scaling logs, grading lumber, and end tallying lumber.  All of these systems fully integrate into PC printing programs or inventory systems.  All of our handheld applications are also stand alone, which means all you need is a printer.
  3. We have been in business since January 1991.  We have just marked the end of twenty years in the forest products industry.  We are going to be here a lot longer.
  4. We have serviced more than 650 companies in the last 20 years, installing more than 3,600 handheld units and 300 PC applications.  Some of these companies have now been with us for 20 years.
  5. We continuously upgrade our products.  If you have ideas that would make our products better, we will glad to hear about them.  We will actively solicit your input.
  6. If you have some things you want changed while we are on-site doing your install, we will try and accommodate you.  Mostly we can change printing programs and PC programs while there, but you may have to wait for handheld changes since they are harder to do and our installers are not familiar with how  to make them.  You need a report customized that we can do.  If you need a slightly different report we can do that too. 
  7. All prices quoted include everything you will need to do the job intended.  We will not add other things after the fact to inflate the price quoted.  There may, however, have been some additional items we recommended on your quotation, which you may decide you want after we get there; but otherwise if we forgot something, it is on us.
  8. We are the only supplier that has an on-line store, a full web site and a user feedback forum.  We service every need from your ordering accessories after hours, to your getting help in the middle of the night and on weekends (through our support site), and to providing you with the information you need to compare us with our competition.  Finally, you have the choice of getting a friendly voice on the phone or getting  the information on-line.
  9. We pride ourselves in making service with a smile, the focal point of our business.  All of our customers are part of our family and each of them is the most important customer that we have.  It doesn't matter what size business they have.
  10. Ninety percent of our annual sales come from referrals from our existing customers.  They are happy to recommend us and our products.  It isn't just the price, our location, or even necessarily the product itself, but the people that they deal with.  We do think that we have a competitive product, and its appropriately priced and well maintained.  Take a look at our references, you will recognize many in your area.  The list is by no means complete since it would take pages to cover them all, but these are representative of companies big and small who have come to rely on us.
  11. You won't hear us talking badly about our competitors.  Some of these companies have fairly good products and are nice people.  What we want is for you to be able to make an informed decision based on the right information.  Don't be in a hurry to buy without checking your options.  The lowest price bid isn't always the best choice.  Some suppliers will try to lure you in with a low price, but make you pay for it next year, and the year's following, in the support / warranty contract.  They may also tell you that though their system doesn't do something right now it is going to be there any time now.  Don't believe it, or at least don't pay for  the system until that feature you need or promised to you is installed and ready to go.
  12. We are the only supplier that makes our source code available to our PC users.  If something drastic should happen, you can have someone local to you maintain it.  Microsoft Access is an easy to use, a full-featured language, and easily customizable to fit your needs.  I don't think any other supplier provides this feature to you.
  13. If you are truly unhappy after we have sent you our system and trained you on how to use it, and it doesn't work out for you, we will gladly refund you the system cost of your purchase.  Travel and on-site training, though, is not refundable, but we will refund you the cost of the hardware and accessories if you send them back to us in like new condition.  You have 30 days to make this decision on whether to return the system or not.  After 30 days, we can only try harder to make you happy.  
  14. We know you have choices, and we would like the opportunity to earn your business.
             Karen Gauthier
             Manager of Operations
I really enjoy doing business with Hardwood Timber and Transporation Services.

Bruce Gust

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