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PC Programs Timber Cruise by Log
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Timber Cruise by Log

Timber Cruise by Log

Timber Cruise by Log Workup


This PC system is intended to work in conjunction with our handheld timber cruise by log handheld system.  This system takes the information that you collected on your handheld unit, and allows you to upload it, and then modify it to some extent and then print out meaningful reports.

This system is not meant for consulting foresters or school-trained foresters who are use to using formclass tables and taper equations for determining tree volumes.  This system is just meant for users doing 100%, plot, and check cruises where volumes are determined using Doyle, Scribner, or Internaional 1/4" log rules.


  • Supports 100%, check, and plot cruises.
  • Allows uploading cruises from one of several models of handheld data collectors.
  • Allows for modifying trees, adding trees, and even deleting trees from a cruise.
  • Allows reviewing cruise information without the need for printing out any reports.
  • Allows for setting values for each species in up to 10 different grades.
  • Allows for valuing a stand of timber once values by species and grade have been entered.
  • Print out all of the necessary cruise reports to help you prepare an informed and rational bid.


  • Timber Cruise Detail by Tree
  • Cruise Summary by Species and Grade
  • Timber Cruise Summary by Species
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