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PC Programs Timber Cruise by Grade
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Timber Cruise by Grade

Timber Cruise by Grade

Timber Cruise by Grade Work Up System


This system was designed for foresters that want to prepare accurate bids on timber tracts that have been cruised, or consulting foresters who want to preprare a prospectus for a tract being put up for bid.  It was not designed for loggers or those use to using a log scale for timber.  This system uses volumes derived from formclass tables.


  • Upload and/or combine cruises from one or more handheld units.
  • Modify cruises after upload.  Change, add, and delete trees, or modify the formclass by species.
  • Value the timber by grade.
  • Generate cruise summary information to review.
  • Apply logging and hauling costs and prices by grade for timber valuation.
  • Print out a little over a dozen cruise-related reports in summary or detail format.
  • Generate bids for the cruise.
  • Prepare proposals for potential bidders.


System can print a dozen different cruise-related reports. 

I really enjoy doing business with Hardwood Timber and Transporation Services.

Bruce Gust

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