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PC Programs Lumber Yard Manager
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Lumber Yard Manager

Lumber Yard Manager


This Lumber Yard Manager system comes in two flavors.  The first version is for the full tracking of green lumber through its various processing steps until it is sold green, air dried, kiln dried, or kiln dried surfaced.  The second version, which we refer to here as the Dry Yard Manager system, begins tracking after dried bundles have been placed into inventory through end tallying or package tally grading.  Then the two systems are identical in their capabilities from that point onward.  You can then sell or consume the lumber you are tracking.


  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Lumber Purchase Tracking
  • Green Lumber Stacking
  • Loading and Unloading Kilns
  • Uploading Regraded or End Tallied Dried Lumber
  • Lumber Costing/Recosting
  • Surfacing/Planing Lumber
  • Shipment Preparation
  • Invoicing and Bill of Ladings
  • Reporting


System contains hundreds of reports categorized by usage type

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Bruce Gust

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