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Timber Cruise by Log

Timber Cruise by Log


This system was designed for the loggers and timber buyers without a formal forestry background who want to look at timber stands and determine volume and value using a simpler entry method than what consulting foresters might use.


Loggers and timber buyers. Note: This was not designed to be used by consulting foresters who are putting up timber for bid.


  1. Supports 100%, check, and plot cruises only.
  2. System supports Doyle, Scribner, and International log rules.
  3. System allows up to 12 species per cruise.
  4. Logs of 4' to 16' can be entered. Longer segments of the same grade will have to be entered into multiple logs.
  5. Species can be marked to be graded or entered with total volume only.
  6. For graded trees, up to 5 log segments can be entered using the log length and expected diameter inside bark at the end of each segment.
  7. If only a sample cruise is needed, you can count trees, as well as enter them or grade them. Then when done, all trees of the same species will have volumes (total and graded values) adjusted for those trees that were actually graded.
  8. Cruise values can be reviewed without having to print out any reports.
  1. Tree detail showing each tree with its breakdown by log if entered.
  2. Cruise summary by species and grade.

This handheld system uploads into our PC based Timber Cruise by Log Workup system, as well as, with a mini-reporting program that prints just what is currently on the handheld unit. With the latter reporting program, cruises are first downloaded onto a flash memory stick (thumb drive) for direct reporting only on your PC.

 What Sets Us Apart:

  1. Set up for loggers rather than foresters.
  2. Only company that provides a cruising system using log scale rather than a tree scale.
I really enjoy doing business with Hardwood Timber and Transporation Services.

Bruce Gust

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