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Timber Cruise by Grade

Timber Cruise by Grade


This system was designed for consulting foresters and timber buyers that are use to using formclass and DBH values for tree entry.  This system gives the user all of the information to put a tract up for bid or to prepare their own bid.


Consulting foresters and timber buyers using formclass table values.

  1. System supports Doyle, Scribner, and International volume tables.
  2. System supports a formclass range of 76 to 84.
  3. Each species can be assigned its own formclass. The default value is 78.
  4. Tree grading can be done with grading specified by species or for the entire cruise.
  5. Tree grading allows entering in up to 5 log segments per tree.
  6. Up to 8 different grades can be identified for placing tree volumes.
  7. Pricing can be specified by species and grade for valuing the timber at the end of the cruise.
  8. 100%, check, plot, strip, and prism cruises are all supported.
  9. Cruise values can be reviewed while the cruise is still in progress.
  10. Logging and hauling costs/MBF can be entered for determining delivered and stumpage values.
  1. Tree detail showing each tree and it's breakdown. There is a summary at the end showing species totals.
  2. Stand and stock table.
  3. Cruise summary by species and grade.
  4. Cruise summary by product (veneer, sawlogs, pallet or tie logs, and pulpwood)

This handheld system uploads into our full Timber Cruise by Grade workup system and into a mini-reporting program that prints just what is currently on the handheld unit.  With the latter reporting program, cruise information is first downloaded onto a compact flash (CF) card or flash memory stick (thumb drive) for direct reporting only on your PC.

What Sets Us Apart:
  1. Only cruise program that allows grading trees in the woods.
  2. Only cruise program that supports as wide a range of cruise types (Check cruise).
  3. Only cruise system that offers more than one printing choice.
  4. Only cruise system that provides for valuing a stand while still out in the woods.
I really enjoy doing business with Hardwood Timber and Transporation Services.

Bruce Gust

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