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Handheld Programs Lumber Grading System
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Package Grading

Package Grading


This system was designed for the customer that wants to grade lumber who uses pile down grading or grading on a separate grading line.  Totals by bundle are needed and each bundle is identified by a different species, thickness, grade, and length specification or range of these four items.


Companies that need detailed tallies of each bundle sold, and where sales are normally put together from bundles, put into inventory after the grading is done.


  1. Handles up to 5 lengths per bundle.
  2. Tallies boards of 01 SM to 29 SM or 3" to 29" board width.
  3. Handles up to 5 grades per bundle.
  4. System allows length and width tallies, length and surface measure tallies, or surface measure only tallies.
  5. To speed up board entry, a default length can be entered and cutbacks can be done for shorter length boards.
  6. Up to a 25 way sort is allowed for selecting combinations of grade and length for determining which bundles a board falls into.
  7. Throughputs of 15,000 feet per day are possible.
  8. Allows for building shipments for the bundles that have been tallied.

System Reports:

  1. Bundle Detail Report showing gross and net, gross only, or net only footages
  2. Bundle Summary Report Showing Bundles Tallied Today
  3. Load Shipping Document Without Piece Count Detail
  4. Load Shipping Document With Piece Count Detail
  5. List of all Bundles on the Handheld Unit


This handheld system uploads into our Lumber Yard Manager System and can be downloaded onto a flash memory stick (thumb drive) for direct reporting only on your PC.

What Sets Us Apart:

  1. More Options on How Boards are Entered
  2. More Professional Looking Reports
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