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Handheld Programs Lumber Grading System
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Purchase Grading

Purchase Grading


This is a lumber grading system designed for companies that buy lumber from the outside.  It might be for those who are manufacturers that buy lumber to make into moldings, flooring, or furniture.  For whatever reason, the lumber needs to be graded, or at least spot checked. Then with the results, you can compare your figures with what you were billed.  This system can print out all of the needed purchase reports.


Companies that buy lumber from the outside.  They might be manufacturing or custom drying the lumber for resale.


  1. Handles multiple incoming receipts, and you can go back and forth amongst them.
  2. Tallies boards of 1 SM to 19 SM.
  3. Handles up to 12 lumber grades.
  4. Allows for opening and closing and restarting any receipt in the system.
  5. Allows for tracking purchases that have been graded.


  1. Purchase Summary Report By Species, Thickness, and Grade
  2. Purchase Detail Report with Piece Counts
  3. Day's Grading Report
  4. Purchase Summary by Load Report

Mini-print program that takes what is on the handheld and prints out the same reports you see above.

What Sets Us Apart:

Only supplier with a grading system designed for lumber buyers.

I really enjoy doing business with Hardwood Timber and Transporation Services.

Bruce Gust

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