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Green Chain Grading

Green Chain Grading


This system was designed for lumber graders who are grading green lumber directly behind the head saw or a trim saw.  Some users have also used it working on a separate grading chain where the green lumber was initially sorted by length before sending it to a separate grading line.


Green lumber mills who need load totals and not bundle totals. Features:
  1. System supports 12-18 lumber grades, the number depends on the handheld computer model you have.
  2. Boards of 1SM to 19SM are supported.
  3. Depending on model, you can build 10 to 20 loads at one time. The numeric keyboard only handheld units have more restrictions because there are fewer keys. These units only support 10 loads. The Ranger 3 supports only 16 and the Allegro 2 supports 20.
  4. For Allegro handheld users, you can grade lumber by log or lumber source as well.
  5. For Allegro 2 and Ranger 3 users, you can tally 6 different thicknesses at one time; and on the numeric keyboard only handheld units, the maximum is 3 thicknesses.
  6. For Allegro 2 and Ranger 3 users, you can tally 6 different cant sizes at one time; and on the numeric keyboard only handheld units, you can only tally 1.
  7. You can back tally boards out if entered incorrectly.
  8. When a load is complete, it can be closed and an identical value one created in under 10 seconds.
  9. When you are done with a given species, you can close all open loads for that species at one time.
  10. If you want, you can switch to another species and leave loads open for the previous species and restart grading on those loads later.
  11. The system allows for printing out all of the needed grading reports.
  1. Day's grading by species, thickness, and grade.
  2. Period grading by species, thickness, and grade.
  3. Load totals in detail format, including grade totals and percentages, and piece counts by board size.
  4. Log/lumber source reports for those who grade lumber by source (Allegro only).
  5. Open loads report.
Interfaces:   This handheld system uploads into our mini-reporting program that prints just what is currently on the handheld unit. With the latter reporting program, grading information is first downloaded onto a flash memory stick (thumb drive) for direct reporting only on your PC.   What Sets Us Apart:
  1. Only grading system set up to grade lumber by log or lumber source.
  2. Only grading system that allows you to keep grading open for one species when moving to another species.
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Bruce Gust

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