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Handheld Programs Lumber End Tally System
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End Tally Program

End Tally Program


The lumber end tally handheld application is for lumber people who want export tally information on bundles that have already been built and typically banded for sale.  Detailed information on the bundle's contents by length and width is desired.  In addition, the bundle has been put together with lumber of the same type, and typically all of the same grade, or at least, all lumber in the bundle is being sold at the same price.


Custom dry kilns, sawmills with dry kilns that want export tallies.


  1. Handles up to 5 lengths per bundle.
  2. Tallies boards of 3" to 29" in width.
  3. Use the keyboard or a Geo-Met electronic ruler (Allegro MX only).
  4. Allows adding shrinkage to a bundle to generate gross tallies from measured net tallies.
  5. Allows for adding end shrinkage to a bundle before adding shrinkage.  This feature is normally used in Indiana and Michigan, and is used because the board ends typically shrink more than the middle of the boards; and this board-size adjustment feature takes that loss in size into account.
  6. This system handles block tallied bundle entry, as well for lower cost lumber.
  7. This system handles fixed width dimension entry stock of odd sizes for those that sell ripped lumber.  Odd board sizes not in multiples of 1" can be handled, such as 1.5", 1.75", etc.
  8. This system allows for revising a group of boards entered with the wrong board length without the need for deleting and re-tallying those boards.
  9. This system allows for backing out boards already entered if you tallied the same layer twice.
  10. This system allows for multiple board entry if some or all of the boards are the same width.
  11. This system allows for building shipments for the bundles that have been tallied.


  1. Bundle Detail Report showing gross and net, gross only, or net only footages
  2. Bundle Summary Report Showing Bundles Tallied Today
  3. Load Shipping Document Without Piece Count Detail
  4. Load Shipping Document With Piece Count Detail
  5. List of all Bundles on the Handheld Unit


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Bruce Gust

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