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Handheld Programs Log Tally System
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Log Tally Program

Log Tally Program


There are two versions of this system and one is right for each type of log buyer.  There is a version for those just buying logs in the yard, and it is the simplest to use.  The second version is for log buyers that buy in the field where more flexibility on pricing is needed and where freight and check writing is needed.  Both versions support log sales as well as log purchases. 


Yard log buyers, field log buyers, veneer log buyers, log exporters.


  • System supports Doyle, Scribner, and International log volume tables.
  • System supports volume or dimension log entry.
  • System supports 16 levels of pricing for the Allegro and Ranger handheld units and 12 levels of pricing for the numeric only keypad units.  You can even enter in the cost of the log/MBF for each and every log.
  • System supports an unlimited number of species for the Allegro and Ranger handheld units, and 12 species for the numeric only keypad units.
  • If you are buying logs in the field, you can specify to the system that you are only buying one species in a given load, so that you are not prompted for the species each time.
  • Cutbacks of either or both length and width when doing dimension log entries.
  • Length and circumference entries are also possible for dimension log entries where tree length logs are being bought.
  • Specific log information can be kept for each log if desired: defect information, whether or not it is a butt log, or the supplier's log source to assist him in paying his suppliers.
  • Log tagging is available and is available by log grade. Logs with specified grades can be tagged and logs without those grades are not tagged unless the user specifies that it is to get a tag anyway.
  • System provides multiple ways of tagging. You can apply tags later after a purchase (quote first) is done and they can be in scaled sequence or in random scale sequence if the logs are not in the same order as you scaled them.
  • You can reprice logs at the end of the entering in the load in 4 different manners.


    • You can change one species so that it averages an overal dollar value/MBF
    • You can change one species so that it comes out an exact dollar value
    • You  canchange the overall load value to match a desired load value.
    • You can change individual species and grade combinations.
  • Log sales can be done as well as log purchases.
  • You can add or deduct freight from the cost of the logs for logs bought in the field.
  • You can write up to 5 checks for paying for logs bought in the field.
  • You can see a running total of the log count, volume, cost, and average $/MBF while entering the logs intothe load.


This handheld system uploads into one of our two full Log Yard Management systems and into a mini-reporting program that prints just what is currently on the handheld unit. With the latter reporting program log information is first downloaded onto a flash memory stick (thumb drive) for direct reporting only on your PC.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Only log system that allows you to export information to more than one PC based system. You can download the information into our Log Yard Pro.
  • Only log system with a version specific to field log buyers.
  • Only log system that allows for quotations as well as purchases and for multiple tagging options after the purchase has been made.


I really enjoy doing business with Hardwood Timber and Transporation Services.

Bruce Gust

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