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USB Mini-B Client Sync Cable 6ft

USB Mini-B Client Sync Cable 6ft


A handy replacement for a lost cable, or a nice spare for the office.  Just plug-and-play for many digital camera models, cellphones, MP3 players, PDAs, and other mini-USB devices.  This cable provides a transfer rate up to 480 Mbps depending upon the peripheral's USB version, and is ideal for transferring pictures from your digital camera to your PC or Mac.  Foil and braid shielding reduces EMI/RFI interference; and twisted pair construction helps reduce crosstalk, thus, ensuring high-speed, error-free, data transfer.

This item is a 6' long USB cable with a standard size host ending at one end and a smaller ending on the other end that plugs into USB ports on handheld units that don't have a full-size ending.  These smaller USB ports are referred to as slave miniB ports.

*Part # 20275*
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