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Accessories Allegro MX
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External NiMH Battery Charger

External NiMH Battery ChargerOverview:

Item: NXe External Battery Charger

Purpose:  To charge Juniper Systems Allegro 3800 mAH and 4000 mAh Batteries

It's good to have a spare charged battery around in case the one you are using goes dead on you right in the middle of scaling a load of logs or grading lumber on the chain.  A fully charged battery will normally get you through an 8-hour work day, even in the winter; but as batteries age, their daily useful life declines.  For a little over $100, you can get an external charger and a spare battery.  This would be heartily recommended if you work 10-hour shifts, especially grading lumber.

Charging cradle for 12523 Allegro Rechargeable NiMH battery. Includes AC and 12VDC power adapters.

*Part # 12447*
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Bruce Gust

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