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You have reached the web site for Timber and Transportation Systems, one of the largest suppliers of handheld systems and PC inventory applications for the forest products industry.  With 21 years of experience and more than 3,600 installations at 650 plus locations, we are a company you should consider for your handheld and PC needs.
We carry all of the standard forestry related applications, and there are both stand alone and PC-based systems available.  There are versions for people on the road, those working out of their trucks or their log shacks, as well as for those working in a typical office environment.  There is an affordable version that is available for you.

We know you have more than one choice, and we are glad you are considering us as well.  You will find the right mix of people, products, experience, and service here.  We are truly a single source provider that can handle all of your needs.  In addition, our site contains a knowledge base where you can get answers after hours.

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Karen Gauthier

Manager of Operations