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Accessories Allegro MX
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Allegro Rechargeable NiMH Battery

Allegro Rechargeable NiMH Battery



Juniper Systems Allegro 4000 mAh Battery


Works in all models of the Juniper Systems line of handheld computers. 

Useful Life: 

19 - 24 months with regular use and 24 - 36 months with sporadic or infrequent handheld use.

Recharge Affects: 

This battery has no memory and is not affected by plugging the unit in each day to keep the battery topped off when it is not being used.

# Recharges: 

300 - 500 depending on length of time on the charger.

Day's Usage: 

This battery should get you 10 - 12 hours of useful life out of your handheld each day before the battery needs to be recharged.  This battery has a significantly longer life in  terms of a day's usage  in the summer than in the winter.  Expect 8 - 10 hours between 0oF and 32oF and 10 - 12 hours above 32oF.  If you are working where it is below zero, then figure 6 - 8 hours.

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